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What Is OkageSwap

All You Need To Know About OkageSwap!
Launches April 7th , 2023
OkageSwap is a new concept in decentralized trading systems — a swap that tracks volume across “teams” trading on nearly any EVM chain that automatically allocates a percentage of revenue generated to reward top performers simply by transacting using the service. Unlike traditional decentralized exchanges, OkageSwap is multi-chain enabled across all EVM chains and allows community to be intrinsically gathered from multiple chains, culminated in a form that is valuable to users to create an interconnected competitive trading landscape across DeFi. Traditionally, volume tracking is only a feature enabled through centralized exchanges due to the complexity of registering, storing, and organizing blockchain data in distinguishable groups and the logical network required for full functionality. OkageSwap enables volume tracking and reward settlement through a decentralized architecture. By enabling teams incentivized by rewards, participation in the ecosystem is driven by adoption, snowballing ad infinitum.

How Will OkageSwap Work?

Step 1: Visit and Connect Your WEB3 Wallet
Step 2: Join A Team With An OkageCode. If You Do Not Desire To Join A Team, A Code Will Be Generated For You — Once You Join A Team It Is Set For The Trading Period.
Step 3: Select Your Network and Desired Input/OutputStep 4: Approve Your Transaction and Trade!
Teams will be able to form across communities, or independently, and the Top 3 groups/individuals will receive the round’s reward allocation. The fee to trade is 0.25% per swap, nearly unnoticeable, and is collected in a smart contract for division across users, and Okage’s project wallet/treasury. Users can create profiles, track volume across teams and leaderboards, create their own team, and trade nearly any token available in DeFi.

How Will OkageSwap Be Used?

Aside from daily usage and volume, OkageSwap has the ability to create many parameters that allow interoperability and custom functionality to accomodate a variety of applications and unique contests for users. For example, we can reserve OkageSwap for larger projects who would like to adopt a decentralized contest or whitelist certain projects for collaborative events. In most cases, OkageSwap will likely be used to incentivize influencer communities by creating a definitive ledger of transaction volume unique to them. Aside from financial benefits, OkageSwap empowers DeFi users with data and analytics that will be public and published, allowing more scope across crypto by tracking influencers and weighting their contributions unlike ever before.

Why Use OkageSwap?

When compared to a zero fee trading DEX like Uniswap, OkageSwap will collect a quarter percent fee on all trades — 0.25%. For Instance 1000 USD in volume will collect 2.50 USD. Relatively miniscule, however, the rewards begin to become astronomical. OkageSwap incubates a cross-chain competitive trading environment to encourage the accumulation and leveraging of Web3 data, communities, and ultimately the redistribution of trade volume.
Features Of OkageSwap Team Trading DEX
  • No Allow-list Omnichain (EVM Chains)
  • Allows users to invite others to a team, other users must accept invite, Displays volume for each team.
  • Takes a 0.25% fee for rounds(changeable up to 1.00%)
  • Fees must be in USDC across all chains (so swapped to/from when needed)
  • Trading period limit to be set for each time round.