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Team-Trading DEX

The "'Team-Trading DEX" is designed by our team to be a new concept within DeFi. OkageSwap provides a simple, efficient, rapid, and truly decentralized trading contest platform. Essentially, the Team-Trading DEX acts as a trading gamification tool - by allowing teams to compete and rewarding users on trade volume. When trading on OkageSwap, individuals may host or join teams to compete for a percentage of total volume across all chains.
Quick Summary:
  • Offers a simple, secure and user-friendly environment
  • Incentives a competitive cross-chain trading environment by allocating a 0.15% fee to rewarding top teams by volume throughput and the remaining .1% to token reinvestment.
  • Total Swap Fee = .25% OkageSwap Fee + Liquidity Provider Fee
  • Slippage & expert mode to take full control of the swaps
  • Live price impact and trending analytics
  • Leaderboards, community team discovery, and more!
Swapping your tokens on OkageSwap is the simplest type of trading and it can be done by following these steps: