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The Old Warrior Returns To Lead Us The Golden Temple. Home Of OkageSwap, OkageChain, and OkageBridge.

Welcome To Okage Inu | On Ethereum

Okage Inu is aiming to become the DeFi spaces' premiere layer-1 blockchain for transacting memecoins and community DeFi startups. We are building a comprehensive ecosystem that creates external revenue for our investors via on-chain utility, built to provide revolutionary use-case with the future landscape of DeFi in mind. Our vision for the next-gen of WEB3 technology is founded on principals of blockchain interconnectivity and true decentralization. Curating an ecosystem that is sustainable, immutable, and balanced between ease of use and replete functionality allows us to cater to advanced and novice DeFi users alike through intelligent design.
Launched In Janurary of 2023, Okage Inu has it's sights set on constructing the future landscape of DeFi. A complete hub for multi-chain bridging, trading, and participating DeFi.
"Our blockchain will entail a vibrant ecosystem where $OKAGE can be utilized natively on a blockchain powered by Avalanche. Gas fees paid in $OKAGE will be collected on a treasury smart contract and collected for the benefit of the ecosystem."
By creating a blockchain that is a high TPS, scalable, subnet blockchain on Avalanche, we are able to create the ideal memecoin trading environment that is future-proof. No matter the volume on OkageChain, fees remain consistent and fast.
About Okage Inu: Our contract is renounced so no entity may alter tax, change or edit any functions within the smart contract, or withdraw liquidity as long it remains locked on Unicrypt.
What Is $OKAGE?
Okage Inu is an ERC-20 token operating on the Ethereum blockchain which is utilized to power OkageChain on Avalanche by incentivizing validators, and also acts as a liquidity pairing for tokens trading on OkageChain.
Is Okage Inu Safe?
Our liquidity is locked on Unicrypt until [06/07/2023 15:00] and will be extended we have released the multi-chain bridge. Additionally, the Okage Inu smart contract is renouned, meaning the no entitiy may alter tax, functions, and any item on the contract. Our team is committed to providing the best possible DeFi ecosystem.
How Do I Trade Okage Inu?
To trade Okage Inu, multiple options are available:
1.) Trade On Our Website Using Ethereum To Swap For Okage By Connecting Your Metamask/DeFi Wallet and Confirming The Swap. Slippage is precalculated and hardcoded at 3%. Also, You May Purchase Okage Directly With Fiat Currency Using Our Partner dApp, Tindr. 2.) Trade On Uniswap By Importing Our Contract Address: 0x8dfc8cc3201425669FaE803e1eB125cddd4189eC Set Your Slippage at 3% - Please Avoid High Slippage Above 5% To Protect Yourself From MEV Bots and Front-Running. 3.) CEX Partners Coming Soon.
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